Testimonials – Trimino Protein Infused Water


I have been drinking Trimino water for a while now. I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer last November and just had my six month checkup after surgery and radiation and am cancer free! I drink trimino after my walks because it is full of everything I need to keep me hydrated and tastes great! I now buy through Amazon delivered right to my door in 2 days! I am going for my walk right now bottle in my hand! I do believe Trimino gave me the energy I needed and kept me hydrated during my treatments and still does now! Thank you trimino!
Pattee V.
West Haven Ct.
I am a long distance runner from RI and trimino protein water has helped me greatly hydrate and recover after my 20 mile training run! I have to have trimino in my water bottle !
Libbi Marie
Long Distance Runner
I started drinking trimino about a year ago because I was trying to cut down on my soda intake. I was never able to find a flavored water product I enjoyed until I found trimino. Not only does it taste great, it has 7 grams of protein and only 28 calories. I recommend trimino to all my clients and friends. Every NFL player that has tried trimino loves it! Because of trimino, I no longer drink 4 cans of diet soda a day. Now when I am thirsty or especially after a hard workout, I open up a trimino and it quenches my thirst and enjoy a great tasting protein water!
Howard Shatsky
NFL Agent since 1989 / Coaches Inc.
We started offering our clients the entire line of Trimino protein infused waters last year. Our clients love the product as it is a way for them to improve their water intake while getting some extra quality protein into their diet. Great product!
Tony Buglione
Weight No Longer
I love your product. It is so refreshing and truly a savior during my busy days when I need more than just hydration. My kids love it during a day full of soccer...or even with dinner. Thank you for making a versatile product that is sugar free and delicious. As a mother of 4 that never buys soda or sugar filled drinks, thank you making me popular with my kids again.
Giselle Diaz
I found Trimino Protein Infused Water at Winco in Duncanville, TX. I am a dialysis patient and can't have dark drinks and need to replenish my protein. All four flavors taste great. I ran back to the store and stocked up on a case. Plz continue to keep this stocked in my area because its the only Protein drink I can tolerate. I don't like the milky vanilla, chocolate tasting ones.
I ran the JP Morgan Corporate Challenge last night, we also gave out Trimino there. We ran out in minutes, people loved it. To be honest, I have worked with a lot of beverages in the last few years, but haven’t seen a response quite like this.