These new flavors will expand the trimino portfolio while maintaining the crisp, smooth profiles that resonate with consumers.  The new flavors are a natural extension of the brand and maintain the rich flavor, light texture and refreshing finish our customers get from the original flavors.

“We are keeping our commitment to our customers by adding the new flavors they’ve been asking for,” says Peter Dacey, CEO of Trimino Brands.  “Our focus groups settled on several flavors for consideration and these were the top 3.  As we move into next year we will add a few more.”

The new flavors will be available in December of 2017 through our expanding distribution network.  They have already been approved for sale in several of our current supermarket chains including Big Y, Stop and Shop and Shaw’s.  We expect these to be widely available in 2018.

In addition to availability in retail chains these products will also be available to customers through on-line channels including Amazon and  trimino Orchard, Raspberry Limeade and Citrus will also be available in a club pack by the first of the year.

The new flavors premiered at the New England Ski and Snowboard Expo in Boston and Savage Race in Dade City, Florida last month.  The reception was overwhelmingly positive.

We expect this product line extension to offer significant upside for Trimino Brands in the coming year.  The addition of new flavors sweetened with Stevia provide an All-Natural experience.  This is being supported by the reception we are receiving from our partners.

“trimino is one of the fastest growing brands we’ve ever launched”, says Ralph Crowley, President and CEO of Polar Beverages.  “These exciting new flavors will accelerate the adoption of trimino and extend its position in the market.”

“All natural trimino Citrus is an exciting addition to the trimino product line, and, once again shows they are leading the protein water segment giving consumers what they have been looking for,” says Danny Stepper, CEO of L.A. Libations.  “We are excited to get this in front of our National & West Coast retail partners.”

With seven grams of whey protein isolate, B vitamins, and essential amino acids, trimino is a growing force in the functional water space; a market that is constantly looking for innovation and products that deliver benefits beyond hydration.  trimino was created by three fathers in Guilford, Conn., as they tried to come up with an alternative beverage for their athletic-minded kids. By pooling their resources, they developed trimino as a sugar-free, low calorie protein infused water that offered a healthy alternative to sugary sports drinks and soft drinks.  trimino epitomizes the convenient, ready-to-drink protein solution without excess calories/carbs and, most importantly, without compromising taste.

About Trimino Brands, LLC

trimino protein-infused water does what water doesn’t by providing added benefits that water alone can’t.  The 7 grams of whey protein in trimino helps maintain and restore muscle and curb appetite, while the B-complex vitamins help create sustaining energy throughout the day without the need for caffeine, sugar or unhealthy stimulants.  Its 9 essential amino acids, the key building blocks found in protein, are critical for endurance and stamina.  At only 28 calories with no sugar, carbs, fat or caffeine, trimino protein-infused water is a better way to hydrate and is available in a variety of delicious fruit flavors.  Protein Never Tasted so Good™!

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