Birth of a Brand

trimino Brands was born of the shared vision of its founders who wanted to create a functional beverage that is great tasting and refreshing but also better for you than existing alternatives, in particular, soda and high sugar sports drinks. We grew tired of all the products marketed to our kids that had high levels of empty calories from sugar, including cereals, snacks and drinks. We thought that if we attacked one leg of that three-legged stool – drinks, we could make a difference with the health of our children and the growing childhood obesity rates in the U.S.

The genesis of trimino came from observing our kids and what they consumed when playing football, hockey and lacrosse. They were consuming large quantities of sugary drinks that made very little positive contribution to their nutritional health. The “ah ha” moment came with the observation, “why not replace the empty calories from sugar with something healthy”. Protein was our answer. Our concept is to replace the empty calories from sugar with the best protein we could find and fortify it with vitamins to create a beverage that is actually good for our kids. And it turns out that it’s great for adults too!

When conceiving trimino we had 3 major goals. trimino had to be healthy, delicious and available in a beautiful package. If we didn’t achieve the mark on all three trimino would not hit the market. As we saw it, the beverage landscape lacked a protein-infused drink that was delicious, low in calories and sugar, and caffeine free.

A secondary objective was to make trimino a beverage that you could drink “every day”, “any time” to help manage your daily protein intake, not just after a workout. With 7g of protein, drinking 2, 3 or even 4 trimino’s a day helps consumers meet their daily protein requirements. Large amounts of protein don’t get absorbed into the body unless you’re doing extensive workouts. trimino’s 7g of the highest quality whey protein isolate is rapidly digested and absorbed, and quickly made available for energy, muscle recovery and appetite suppression.

What there was – and continues to be – is an overabundance of sugary drinks and snacks that are mass marketed to consumers across all ages. While sugar is not the enemy, too much sugar is! Like a lot of people, we were frustrated. So we just did something about it.

What Did We Do? We colored outside the lines!
We created trimino – Protein Infused Water. It didn’t happen overnight, but it happened pretty quickly because we were driven by a true desire to create something good – enter trimino!

The founders all had deep entrepreneurial backgrounds and a tremendous passion for creating a truly unique beverage. Using their innovative approach to business they created a beverage that blurred the lines among enhanced water, functional beverages, energy drinks and sports drinks creating a whole new category of beverage. trimino has properties that fit into all 4 categories. First, it is a flavored water with all the hydration properties of water but more. Second, it has functional properties from its protein and vitamin B complex that have meaningful health benefits. Third, it has a formula that naturally increases energy without caffeine. And, forth, it’s a great sports drink because of the fast absorption of protein into the body. All of that and it tastes great too!

So what’s in a name?
People always ask about the name – what does it mean and how did we come up with it? trimino signifies the essence of the product and here’s how:

The “mino” in trimino, of course, refers to the amino acids from the protein. The 7 grams of whey protein isolate in trimino, the gold standard for purity and quality, helps maintain and restore muscle as well as curb appetite. And the 9 essential amino acids, one of the key building blocks of protein (and the ones our bodies don’t produce naturally), are critical for endurance and stamina.

The “tri” in trimino refers to the functional benefits of trimino derived from the protein and B-Complex vitamins: First, maintaining and restoring healthy muscle; Second, naturally boosting energy without caffeine; and, Third, curbing appetite. All while providing the hydration benefits of water.

B-Complex vitamins work to create sustainable energy without the need for caffeine. With only 28 calories, zero sugar and zero carbs, trimino is the ideal, beverage for kids and adults alike….and is available in 4 delicious flavors!

trimino is infused with the right amount of protein, B-Complex vitamins and essential amino acids to provide consumers with benefits that water alone can’t. It’s why we say that trimino Beats Water, Every Day.

Making trimino a part of your day
At 7grams of protein, triminox is a great way to start your day. Have a trimino for breakfast and get a natural energy boost. And because it’s fortified hydration and only 28 calories, it’s perfect for consumption all day long. Whether as a way to hydrate refreshingly when thirsty, as a snack to help satisfy your appetite between meals, as a refreshing beverage during and after exercise that helps restore and replenish muscle and foster the muscle recovery process, as a means to naturally boost energy especially when extra endurance and stamina is needed but without caffeine, as a nutrition and dietary solution to help with your weight management goals, or as a protein source with your meal (e.g., salad), triminoprotein infused water “Does What Water Doesn’t” and is just what’s needed to help you power through your day…every day.

Who’s drinking trimino?
Everyone! Seriously, it’s widely popular because it fits so many need states and occasions. Kids like it during and after sporting events, and parents LOVE that their kids like it. And they like it for themselves, too.

Busy moms rave about it because it’s a fortifying snack-on-the-go when they can’t stop for much else. Office professionals, who are pressed for time and often don’t have time for lunch, use trimino as a bridge to help them get through the day.

Athletes love trimino because the whey protein isolate is a good source of fuel for their body and restores and repairs muscle cells after their workout. It contains just the right amount of protein in a chuggable, low-calorie beverage that hydrates deliciously!

Boomers over 50 enjoy the benefits of protein and essential amino acids for it’s muscle replenishment benefits, as after age 50 the body typically looses more muscle than it gains. trimino is also diabetic friendly and good for other health conditions too!

trimino Beats Water, Every Day.
Active consumers of all ages seek convenient, easy-to-consume beverages that offer functionality along with great taste. No more sugary soft drinks with empty calories. trimino embraces all the good in water but delivers so much more! In fact, the protein in trimino is a macronutrient that is growing in popularity. Consumers recognize its benefits in muscle health, bone growth, weight management*, hunger control, digestive health and as an anti-oxidant to help prevent aging. According to DuPont Nutrition & Health:


trimino is low in calories, light and refreshing, and simply tastes delicious. When you consider beverages with protein, you never get all three in one product. Not until trimino! Protein Never Tasted So Good!
Enjoy the clear choice in Protein Water, trimino. We hope you’ll try trimino – we know you’ll love it!

*intl food information council foundation: 2014 Food & Health Survey

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