Can You Drink Whey Protein on a Keto Diet?

When you’re looking for protein that’s free of carbs and gluten, easy to digest and a rock star at satisfying your thirst for variety, look no further than trimino - protein infused water.

But how does protein help your body burn fat like a boss? What is whey protein and where does it come from? Also, can you drink whey protein on keto? And what, exactly, is the keto diet?

Read on to learn how a keto diet can help you get healthier and how you can drink whey protein to crush all your keto goals.

What’s so Great About Keto?

Here’s the skinny on keto diets: keto is short for ketogenic, a process of changing how your body stores and burns fat for energy.

Keto DietKetogenic diets involve high amounts of healthy fats, like avocado and coconut oil, moderate amounts of protein, like meat and fish, and very low amounts of carbohydrates, like bread and pasta. By upending the traditional nutritional pyramid, a keto diet aims to put your body into ketosis. Ketosis is when your body burns fat for energy instead of the sugars from carbohydrates.

Why Is Protein Important?

To understand why protein is important to a keto diet, let's first see how carbohydrates affect your body. When you eat carbs, your body converts them into sugar (glucose) for quick energy. If you don’t burn up those sugars right away, your body produces insulin, a hormone whose main job is to store sugar as fat for later use. So a plate of pasta becomes sugar, which becomes belly fat.

On the other hand, eating protein does not stimulate insulin production, which avoids that familiar sugar rush/crash cycle, as well as the conversion to stored fat. Additionally, eating protein helps you feel more satisfied with less volume, meaning you’ll consume fewer calories in the long run — especially when it comes to those late-night carb cravings. And, perhaps most importantly, protein is a boss at building and maintaining muscles, which help burn fat and keep your metabolism high.

Is Whey Protein Keto-Friendly?

Whey protein is derived from dairy in a process that filters out most of the milk sugar, leaving behind a concentrated whey protein concentrate. With more filtration, all the lactose is removed to create whey protein isolate that is 90 to 95% protein by weight — the highest amount of pure protein and lowest amount of carbs found in any whey protein. This makes whey protein isolate the best protein supplement for keto diets, beating out protein shakes made from egg whites, peas and rice, which often have added sugars for flavor.

Can You Drink Whey Protein on Keto?


When you choose a beverage that’s not only high in whey protein isolate but also low in sugar and carbs — like trimino - protein infused water — drinking whey protein can help keep you on track for your fitness and nutritional goals.

How Can trimino - protien infused water Help Me Crush My Keto Goals?

• Stay hydrated with refreshing flavors that add zero sugar or carbs to your day.

• Recover faster after killer workouts with 7 grams of easily digested protein in every 16-ounce bottle.

• Boost your immune system with complex B vitamins that protect against heart disease while helping convert food into energy.

• Maintain a rock-star metabolism with a low glycemic index.

• Keep allergies at bay with zero gluten or lactose to slow you down.


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