While social distancing, Trimino Brands "sits" down with professional basketball player Taren Sullivan to discuss basketball, training, and protein.

The 25-year-old lives in Findlay, Ohio with his wife. Sullivan was playing for the Erie Bayhawks in the NBA G-League when covid-19 hit the United States and halted the season. Most recently, Sullivan played in The Basketball Tournament (TBT) for the team D2.

Our biggest takeaway speaking with Sullivan: be prepared, stay focused, use the tough times as motivation, and always drink a trimino.

(ok, we might have added that last bit)

(Responses have been edited for clarity and brevity)

Trimino Brands (TB): Tell me about when you first started playing basketball.

Taren Sullivan (TS): I started playing basketball when I was in the 2nd Grade at Lima Bath located in Lima, Ohio where I played from 2nd-12th grade. I continued to play at University of Findlay. After college, my first professional season, I played in Stockton, California for Stockton Kings (Sacramento Kings G-League affiliate). This past season, I played in Erie, PA for the Erie Bayhawks (New Orleans Pelicans G-League affiliate).



TB: You've been playing a long time. What is it you love about the game?

TS: There's always something to get better at and, if you truly care, then you can keep adding & learning more. But as I've gotten older, I have found that being able to travel & give back what I've learned is what it's all about.

TB: How have playing and training changed for you during Covid-19?

TS: Covid-19 has affected athletes in all sports, as for me personally our season was cut short this year. I also had to sit out from being in the gym for 2 months, which I've never done my entire life. I took advantage of shooting [hoops] outside when weather was nice, but it's not the same as being in a gym on the hardwood. Like many others, I was forced to find different ways to not only stay ready, but stay focused on the bigger picture and what would come after quarantine was over.

TB: How are you staying in shape and healthy during Covid-19? What's your workout routine?

TS: [During the shutdown], I did multiple different fitness challenges on my snapchat. [Follow Sullivan @...........] I found doing this and having daily/weekly goals helped me hold myself accountable. I would exercise twice a day mainly Monday-Friday. Since gyms have recently opened, I concentrate on getting my body back to the way it needs to be. I lift about 5-6 days a week and am in the gym 4-5 days.

TB: How do you prepare for your workouts?

TS: When going into a workout I'm very big on knowing what I wanna get done. I will always look up different exercises or routines for when I lift. I do a similar thing when going to the gym, I like finding different drills or moves to work on and incorporate them with what I know I will most likely be asked to do for my next team.

This [preparation] allows me to get in and get out while being very productive in a short period of time. Too many athletes spend hours at a time in gym [or] weight room and lose focus on what needs to get accomplished.

TB: What do you look for in a sports drink?

TS: I enjoy drinks that give me energy to boost my body on the days that I may not feel 100%. And I love drinks that can help speed up the recovery process. I have been using trimino after my workouts. I feel [trimino] has been best at refueling my body with the right vitamins and ingredients it needs to stay strong and improve.

TB: What makes trimino - protien infused water different from other beverages you've tried?

TS: Trimino for me has been great in many ways. First, the amount of vitamins and protein you get in each bottle is great. I like that there are 7 grams of protein, which is not too much. I enjoy eating lots of protein after workouts so it helps me keep from having too much at once.

Second, Taren Sullivan drinking Orchard triminoI truly enjoy the flavors [trimino] comes in. I've tried a couple other protein water drinks, but they lack in flavoring options. They can be very boring and not make me want it as much.  Third, I like that [trimino] is helping replace the bigger brands which are loaded with sugars... that we should not consume so much of in a day.

TB: Do you have a favorite flavor?

TS: My favorite flavors of trimino so far are peach & wild berry. I enjoy that even though there are 7 grams of protein in each bottle, it isn't thick or too chalky which is the case with a lot of protein powders. I've used protein powders for a while, but only enjoy them [mixed] with milk because it helps break down the powder the most. However, you can't just take milk anywhere without it getting a little warm. The convenience of trimino is perfect.

TB: You also work with youth athletes. Tell me what advice you have for young players.

TS: Since my junior year of college, I run training sessions with mainly high school players in Lima & Findlay [Ohino]. As my career expands, I'm able to help more & more players. Now, I work with full local high school and college teams.

I have been blessed to learn so much on and off the court [from] people who have such a wide range of experience. My biggest [tip] - take advantage of the moment and the opportunity. This is the message I relay to everyone I work with. I always try to bring up those kids/people who don't have the ability to play or are too nervous to try because they don't want to get cut and/or embarrassed. I do this because I feel it truly helps put into perspective how blessed we really are.

This is the same mentality I use to push myself through the tough days when I'm not fully focused. I always tell people, and remind myself, life will always find a way to tear you down. Until you realize that things can always be worse, you will use it as an excuse instead of motivation. Take advantage of the time you are given.

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