When beverage industry sales veterans with a combined 90 years of experience with such iconic brands as Dr Pepper, Nestle and Snapple, agree to take on an emerging brand like trimino™ protein-infused water, beverage retailers take note.

Since its official launch in fall 2014, the sugar-free, low calorie functional protein water from Miami Bay Beverage Company, LLC (MBB) of Branford, Conn., is spreading west across the country, and is already available in more than 2,500 stores in 12 states due in part to the bench strength of its sales force.

“We’ve assembled a dream team of seasoned beverage industry veterans focused on helping retailers profit from this emerging alternative to sugary drinks that is attracting new customers into their stores,” said Peter J. Dacey, founder and CEO of Miami Bay Beverage Company, LLC.

After three years with PepsiCo/Frito-Lay and 27 years with Dr Pepper there is hardly a major retailer in business that Rick Sweitzer of All Channel Sales, LLC in Greenwood, S.C., hasn’t called upon. Representing top beverage brands in their categories, he managed sales and promotions through both the DSD bottler network and direct through Wholesaler/Distributor networks with brokers.

Since joining Miami Bay in January 2014, he says retailers are responding to refreshing protein water that actually tastes great. “Consumers are looking for ‘better for you beverages’ and not choosing the diet and regular carbonated soft drinks, isotonics or high calorie juices as often. With plenty of recent retail success stories, the timing is right to bring trimino to more distributors and retailers around the country,” Sweitzer says.

The sales team at LP Partners in Dallas has more than 40 years experience selling established brands like Dr Pepper, Motts and Snapple, and growing new brands into the mainstream such as Fuze and Vitamin Water.

Joining the MBB team in 2Q 2014, LP Partners believes trimino is poised to hit the consumer sweet spot at a time when the protein category is growing quickly.

“It has both mainstream appeal, because of its delicious taste and great packaging, and is suitable for all-day consumption. This will be one of the next big brands and the foundation for a new category of beverage,” predicts LP Partners sales director Jeffrey W. Foss.

John Cavallero, a resident of Easton, Conn., is the most recent addition to the MBB team. He’s an industry insider who spent the last 20-plus years at Nestle Waters, Kraft, Nabisco and Heinz, and left those tier one companies to help bring trimino to the next level.

“The presence of protein and B vitamins with no sugar or carbohydrates elevates trimino in the $17.2 billion (2012) fast-growing Functional Beverage category that is now projected to reach $36.7 billion by 2019,” he says.

“The product tastes delicious, looks cool, and delivers what the consumer expects, along with the revenue and margins that make retailers happy.”

Trimino was created by Miami Bay Beverage Company, LLC, 127 Cedar Street, Branford, CT 06405.

For more information about trimino log ontowww.DRINKtrimino.com, 844 879 6466.

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