Keep yourself, your family and everyone in your “bubble” safe and happy during quarantine with tips for staying healthy from the trimino™ team.

From eating healthier to getting healthy exercise to how to prevent getting sick, here is our advice to weather this storm and emerge even stronger.

Tips for Staying Healthy During Quarantine

1. Follow protocols for protecting yourself, your family and your community.

The new normal of masks, hand sanitizer and social distancing can seem overwhelming sometimes. The key to adapting to this reality is planning. Stay on top of recommendations from trusted health professionals as they are updated. Then, gather the others in your “bubble” to formulate a plan. Where will you keep your masks and hand sanitizer at home? What’s the procedure for communicating with people outside your immediate circle? How will you protect yourself if someone in your household is exposed to a person who’s got the virus? Have a plan beforehand to reduce the stress of such an event should it come to pass.

2. Make movement a regular part of every day.

When you’re working from home, schooling from home and hanging out at home, it can be tough to also exercise at home. Change your approach from an intense workout a few times a week to a little movement sprinkled throughout the day — and broaden your idea of what constitutes a workout.

Walking the dog around the block, doing an online yoga session and dancing through the commercial breaks of your favorite episodes will increase circulation and refresh your muscles.

Get outdoors as much as the weather permits, but get up off the couch frequently, even if it’s just to walk up and down the stairs a few times.

3. Get the whole family in on eating healthier.

Now is the perfect time to teach the kids or yourself some culinary basics or even a new recipe or two. When kids learn to cook at home, they’re more likely to develop lifelong healthy eating habits. If you’re quarantining alone, skip the takeout a few times a week and channel your inner Bobby Flay or Rachel Ray. You can search for recipes by nutritional goals and food groups at

Look into that low-carb diet you’re curious about or discover a new global cuisine. Ditch the sweet snacks and opt for functional beverages that deliver vitamins and nutrients to boost immunity and help keep you and the kids hydrated without sugar crashes.

4. Manage stress and anxiety.

Limit your exposure to the news so you don’t get overwhelmed. Set a timer if that helps, then turn off the TV or click off the website. In fact, make sure to have time away from device screens every day. Reach out to a mental health professional if loneliness or anxiety become unmanageable.

Keep-up communication with family or friends as much as possible. Consider mailing cards or an old-fashioned letter as a way of boosting your morale and someone else’s. Rather than escaping into bad habits, boost your immune system with vitamin-infused beverages — you’ll feel better in the long run and up your chances of staying healthy.

5. Be kind to yourself — and others.

Try to remember that everyone is going through something extraordinary right now. It’s okay to feel anxious or worried or overwhelmed. Give yourself healthy rewards for accomplishing even the smallest goals, like applying for job openings or skipping a get-together that doesn’t include social distancing. Indulge in healthy self-care and keep focused on the fact that we’ll get through this. Better days are coming.





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