How does trimino™ - protein infused water compare to Gatorade, Powerade and Body Armor? We matched up these popular workout drinks to see which one delivers better hydration, nutritional content and other health benefits.

See how your choice stacks up in four heats that pit trimino vs. common workout drinks!

Warmup: Hydration vs. Electrolytes

Sports drinks like Gatorade or Body Armor tout their electrolyte content as beneficial for refueling after tough workouts. If you’re training at an elite level with workouts that last more than 90 minutes, or you’re battling very hot conditions where heat stroke is a major concern, this could be important to you.

But if you’re sweating at the gym for less than an hour, those electrolytes translate to added sodium and other minerals that won’t help you perform better — and could actually hurt you. Diets high in extra sodium have been linked to high blood pressure and heart disease. trimino™ starts with good old H2O to hydrate kids and adults without those worries.

First Lap: Added Sugar vs. Sugar Substitutes

The childhood obesity problem in the U.S. is well known. The extra sugar in sodas and sports drinks contributes to this health crisis by increasing overall caloric intake without providing much nutritional benefit. Sugary drinks are also a factor in tooth decay, as most kids don’t brush after every sip of a sports drink. When compared to Gatorade, Powerade and Body Armor, trimino™ comes out on top with zero added sugar.

Bonus, our natural flavors of Citrus, Raspberry Limeade and Orchard are sweetened with stevia, made from plant leaves. Learn more about our sweeteners: sucralose and stevia.

trimino has 0 sugar compared to common sports drinks

 Head-to-Head: Carbohydrates vs. Protein

Along with electrolytes, sports drinks deliver carbohydrates that give A-list athletes the energy to power through hours-long practices and matches. When your marathon involves powering through online meetings as you work from home, extra carbs are not your friend. High-carb foods and added caffeine both give a temporary energy rush that ends in a devastating crash. trimino, on the other hand, delivers seven grams of protein and a full day’s allowance of four B vitamins for natural energy and a boost to your immune system. The low glycemic index also keeps blood sugar levels stable for better long-term health.

Final Circuit: Building Muscle vs. Preserving Muscle Mass

Whether your nutritional goals include losing weight, bulking up your biceps or preserving the muscle loss that happens with age, trimino comes out on top when you compare it to Gatorade, Powerade or Body Armor. None of those sports drinks bring protein to the table, and muscles are made of protein. Specifically, trimino has whey protein isolate, one of the most concentrated forms of gluten- and lactose-free protein. It’s easily digestible with only 28 calories per bottle, making it an excellent source of protein and hydration that fits into your healthy lifestyle.

The Victory Lap

You’ve got lots of choices for drinks to hydrate and supplement your diet. When you look at what’s in trimino and compare to Gatorade, Powerade and other sports drinks, that choice becomes a lot simpler. The bottom line is that trimino delivers hydration, B complex vitamins and pure whey protein without gluten, lactose, carbs or added sugar or sodium. Plus, it’s available in seven fresh, fruity flavors. In the big trimino vs. Common Workout Drinks match-up, you’ll find that trimino wins — because this is not your ordinary water!



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