Drinkable protein supplements have seen a boost in popularity over recent years. Surprisingly, it isn’t just fitness fanatics that believe them to be fantastic; a lot of people use protein shakes and the like for breakfast replacements and easy, on-the-go meals. 

But why, then, are they so sought after? As it happens, there are many reasons for this. 

  1. There Are Plenty of Different Types

Liquid proteins have come so far from where they started that there is now a supplement for everyone—vegans, vegetarians, pescatarians, gluten-free, you name it, these drinks cater for all dietary requirements. There are 6 common types of protein powder (which you then mix for yourself, so it becomes a drinkable substance) to be aware of, namely:


This the most common type of protein powder and is widely used in the fitness world for its fast and easy absorption into the body. 


Casein digests very slowly, making it a great meal to have before bedtime so your body can have its glutamine and amino acid hit during the course of the night.


For all those who are lactose intolerant, egg protein is for you. It offers a medium digestion rate but fuels you with its extreme level of lysine.


All the necessary amino acids are provided in soy protein and, as there are no animal products present, it is the perfect fit for vegetarians and vegans.


Again, this is one for the vegans. You may or may not know that the protein content of peas is close to that of both soy and egg! However, what makes pea protein a considerably better option is the high quantity of arginine in it—the amino acid needed to build muscle.


Hemp protein is one of the only plant-based sources that offer all essential amino acids. Overall, it promotes general wellbeing and organ health a lot more succinctly than the other options do—wonderful for people who aren’t necessarily out just to build muscle. 

  1. Convenience

We live in a fast-paced world and convenience is key for us to continue living like many of us do—speedily and busily.

Therefore, all drinkable protein sources have become compulsory for those wanting to increase their protein intake easily and efficiently. All you have to do is scoop some powder in, shake and it’s all done. You really don’t get more convenient than that.

Or do you?

Yes, you do. Not only has this industry been bombarded with protein powders, but there are also numerous ready-made shakes on the market too. These have been wondrously balanced by qualified professionals to provide the correct amount of hydration, pure protein, vitamins, and amino acids.

Some pre-bottled and ready to go shakes have also been developed to have precisely no sugar and carbohydrates—you will not find this with a protein bar!

  1. Accessibility

In today’s world, protein shakes (in both forms) are found in every supermarket and health food shop on the high street, so it’s no wonder these drinkable forms of protein are dominating the space.

However, if supermarkets aren’t your preferred place to buy your supplements, there are countless online stores that sell plenty—what’s even better is most online shops give discounts for bulk orders, so you never have to worry about overpaying!

  1. Easy integration

Drinkable protein sources are so easy to integrate into your lifestyle, regardless of what that looks like.

Whether you are trying to build muscle and need both a post- and pre-workout shake, or even if you are just wanting to up your protein intake alongside your current diet, there is truly a shake for everyone.

Having said this, some diets do not require an increase in protein, like the keto diet, for example. Although, there has been a new form of keto developed which is aptly named the ‘high-protein keto diet’ which, as the name suggests, involves a lot of protein. 

  1. Speed

Liquid protein shakes allow muscles to access it in around 30 minutes—decidedly quicker than solid foods, especially when taken straight after a workout (i.e. when your bodies need it most).

Fitness fanatics’ main reason for drinking protein is this as they need it to repair and build muscles as quickly as possible.

Frankly, the list is pretty endless when it comes to why drinkable protein sources are taking over the industry, but we have absolutely covered the main ones. 

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