Why Protein Water Is Better Than Normal Water

Getting and staying healthy is complicated. Drinking enough water to stay hydrated and being physically active are only two parts of the good health puzzle.

Because you need to balance so many health factors — along with balancing your family, work and social commitments — Trimino Brands explains why protein water is better than normal water for keeping you on track.

Here are five reasons reaching for trimino™ - protein infusedwater is better than relying on regular water to stay focused, fueled and formidable every day.

1. Hydration is only one part of healthy living.

Water makes up about 60% of a person’s total body weight, and we cannot survive long without it. But drinking water to stay hydrated is only part of leading a healthful life. When your busy work-life balance makes it difficult to sit down to nutritious midday meals or pack healthy snacks, you need more than a bottle of water to keep you going. Enter drinkable protein! Water that’s infused with 14% of the recommended daily allowance of protein without carbs or added sugar. At only 28 calories, trimino - protein infused water allows you to increase your protein intake on the go without sabotaging your daily calorie goals.

2. Getting enough B vitamins is complex.

We all know that eating a balanced diet is healthy. But determining which foods to eat to get all our vitamin requirements can be overwhelming. That’s particularly so if you’re over 50 or you opt for a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle. B vitamins are essential to turning food into usable energy — and yet, some of us struggle to get enough of these nutrients from food alone. One bottle of trimino™ protein water contains 100% of four B vitamin powerhouses: B3, B5, B6 and B12. This last one is super important, as B12 is only in animal protein, and as much as 20% of people over 50 don’t get enough of it.

3. Regular water is thin on appetite control.

Ever try to replace a meal or snack with a big glass of water? You may feel full for a few minutes, but water seeps through your stomach to your organs and tissues fast. And that can leave your belly grumbling — positioning you to reach for salty, sugary options out of desperation. The whey protein isolate in trimino™ helps you feel satisfied without adding hundreds of calories or causing your blood sugar to spike. In fact, sipping one bottle half an hour before a meal can help you avoid overeating at the table. Let’s see H2O do that!

4. Protein fuels better workouts.

No matter how hard you work out, what you put into your body afterward makes all the difference. Recovery time allows muscles to repair after a good shredding at the gym. But protein is the real body building hero. Protein helps rebuild muscle tissue, replenish energy stores and keep you feeling satisfied, so you don’t overeat and undo all that sweaty exercise. A low-carb, easily digestible protein source like trimino™ protein infused water gives you all that workout support without carbs while hydrating you with good old-fashioned water.

5. trimino™ has everything your body needs and nothing it doesn’t.

Whether you’re a weekend warrior, an Olympic hopeful or a couch potato looking for a healthier routine, protein water is better than normal water for all your fitness needs. With only 28 calories, zero sugar or carbs, and a bushel of fresh, fruity flavors, trimino™ gives your body everything it needs and nothing it doesn’t. Sip it as a low-cal snack, a high-protein post-workout recovery drink or a nutritious supplement for older adults and others at risk of vitamin deficiency. trimino™ is not your ordinary water!


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