Natural Variety Pack
Protein Infused Water
28 Calories
7 Grams
of Protein
No Sugar
Zero Carb
per case of 12 bottles
Total $24.95
Order 3+ Cases & Get Discount
Whats in it ?
Nutrition facts

This low-calorie protein drink maintains and replenishes muscle, increases energy and endurance, curbs appetite, and provides hydration. It contains 7 grams of protein, essential amino acids, and 4 Essential B Vitamins. Protein isn’t just for athletes! It’s for everyone! Drink Trimino to break the monotony of water with four simply delicious fruit flavors. Free of artificial sweeteners.

Enjoy as a refreshing, hydrating and healthy beverage anytime; our no carb protein drink is a great low-calorie substitute for energy drinks, soda or juice.

  • Variety Pack (Orchard, Citrus, and Raspberry Limeade)
  • Whey Protein Drink - 7 Grams of Whey Protein Isolate
  • Low Calorie Flavored Water - 0 Carbs, sugar free, cholesterol free and fat free
  • Carb Free Protein Drink - 28 Calories, all from the Whey Protein, No carbs
  • Healthy Flavored Water - 4 Essential B Vitamins that are needed every day (B3, B5, B6, & B12)
  • No artificial sweeteners, preservatives, colors, or flavors. Gluten & lactose free. Low Glycemic Index.
Lower calorie diets lead to higher quality lives. trimino helps with weight control and higher levels of physical activity.
Foods with low GI values are digested and absorbed slower, causing a smaller rise in blood sugar levels.
All of what your body needs. None of what it doesn't. Diet and allergen friendly. Complement your diet with this guilt-free treat.
Hydrate with trimino
They say proper preparation prevents poor performance. It matters how you hydrate because at mile 5, 10 or 15 you need more than just water.