June 30, 2016 Branford, CT – trimino, the leading protein water in the functional beverage category, has streamlined its packaging and modified its ingredients to give consumers more of what they want. “We removed the FDA-approved coloring agent because some consumers told us they loved the product but didn’t believe it needed any dyes. Now, we have an improved, clear beverage with delicious flavors the brand has been known for,” announced Peter Dacey, Co-Founder and CEO of Miami Bay Beverage (MBB), maker of trimino.

In addition, MBB modified the packaging graphics and messaging for improved consumer communication, differentiation, and visibility on the shelf. Bob Leary, Co-Founder and CMO of MBB, also noted that  “trimino’s recent Kosher certification will also be included on the package, adding value for shoppers seeking that important designation.” The brand has been certified Kosher dairy by the Orthodox Union and will begin carrying the kosher dairy symbol in the next production run, scheduled for late July.

Casey Hoban, Co-Founder and COO of MBB, added that trimino’s improvement to the formula reinforces 3 commitments the founders made when production began: (1) it had to be healthy with a great flavor profile; (2) it had to be in an attractive package; and (3) it had to be suitable for a variety of hydration occasions. “We’re confident these new changes will further advance the incredible retailer and consumer acceptance we’ve experienced since we launched in late 2014.”

trimino is currently available in more than 5,000 supermarkets, convenience stores, drug, fitness and other retailers, and the brand’s footprint continues to gain momentum.  trimino protein-infused water “Beats Water, Everyday” by providing added benefits that water alone can’t.  The 7 grams of whey protein in trimino help maintain and restore muscle and curb appetite, while the B-complex vitamins help create sustaining energy throughout the day without the need for caffeine, sugar or unhealthy stimulants.  Its essential amino acids, the key building blocks found in protein, are critical for endurance and stamina as well. At only 28 calories with no  sugar, carbs or caffeine, trimino protein-infused water is a better way to hydrate and is available in a variety of delicious fruit flavors.

trimino is a product of Miami Bay Beverage Company, LLC, Branford, CT. For more information about trimino visit www.DRINKtrimino.com or join the conversation on Facebook.

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