trimino: The Ultimate Work-From-Home Drink

Working from home is the new normal. This can be a tough transition for those of us used to regularly scheduled mealtimes, orderly work environments and entire days away from the kids.

The stress of adjusting to the home office may push us toward unhealthy habits, like all-day snacking or overdosing on caffeine to feel energized.

trimino – protein infused water can help you curb that by providing a better choice. With a slate of refreshing flavors, lots of protein and vitamins, and no sugar or lactose, trimino is the ultimate WFH drink to keep you focused, on task and on track for success. Here’s how:

trimino Provides Natural EnergyMother Working from Home

It takes a ton of energy to work from home. Even without the commute, you’ve housework to handle, a full docket of work obligations to manage and maybe even kids to supervise. trimino provides natural energy to keep you focused, alert and sharp. Besides the seven grams of protein in each bottle, trimino is packed with B vitamins that help convert food into fuel. That means each sip powers you up for checking lesson plans, completing assignments, and crushing your WFH to-do list without the jitters of caffeine.

Protein Keeps You Full

Foods that are high in carbohydrates — think potato chips, bread, or pasta — get converted into sugar very quickly. That’s why a plate of spaghetti makes you feel full only for an hour or so, then you’re hungry again. On the other hand, consuming protein reduces the production of hormones that stimulate appetite, giving you a better sense of being sated. The whey protein isolate in trimino helps you feel full longer because it’s high-quality, complete protein that’s easy to digest and delivers the nutrition your body craves. 

Mixed Berry trimino for Working From Home

No Sugar, Carbs, Fat, Gluten or Lactose

It can be tempting to reach for unhealthy snacks while you’re working at home. But take-out food and packaged chips, cookies and crackers are full of sugar, salt and other nastiness that zap your energy and wreak havoc on your waistline. trimino contains zero sugar, fat, carbohydrates, gluten or lactose. That means each refreshing sip keeps you on track for your nutritional goals without spikes and crashes in glycemic index.

Only 28 Calories in Each 16-Ounce Bottle

Working from home can make it difficult to keep regular mealtimes. When you’re only steps from the fridge, it’s tempting to munch all day long. Sipping trimino can help rein it in with fresh, fruity flavors with only 28 calories per bottle. That can help you make it to lunch or dinner without blowing your dietary goals.

 Hydration & Nutrition

woman with trimino working from hometrimino starts with good old-fashioned H2O. Many of us don’t drink enough water every day, and that can be even harder when you’re stuck at home all day. Instead of brewing pot after pot of coffee or downing cans of sugary soda, add trimino to your WFH routine for nutrition and hydration in each flavorful sip. You’ll be better able to focus during online meetings and feel more refreshed at the end of the day.


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