Is Protein Water Good for Kids?

Back to school is a little different this year. If your child is in-class learning, you're packing masks, face shields, and hand sanitizer along with traditional school supplies. At home, it's a struggle to stay focused. Some fall sports are returning and, even with social distancing requirements, kids can enjoy sunshine, fresh air and lots of physical activity in a safe way.

The days may be getting shorter, but your student's schedule is jam packed. They need to refuel with snacks and drinks, but are sports drinks good for kids? Furthermore, is protein water good for kids?

Trimino Brands wants to help give your kids the best hydration and nutrition for their active lives. We take a look at how protein water stacks up against sports drinks for kids for overall nutrition, allergy management and immune system function.

Skip the Sugary Sports Drinks for Kids

Sports drinks often promise to replenish electrolytes and keep athletes in the game longer. What they don’t tell you is that those candy-colored beverages often contain more sugar than sodas or candy bars! The last thing your kid needs is more sugar in her diet.

trimino - protein infused water was started by Dads who saw their kids gulping down sugary drinks in large quantities while playing football, hockey, and lacrosse. Marketing strategies suggested the best athletes use these drinks to become even better, but in reality they made very little positive contribution to the nutritional health of our student athletes.

Protein water like trimino™ starts with good old-fashioned water, then uses small amounts of low-cal sweeteners like stevia to keep both the calorie count and glycemic index low. Zero sugar means no hyperactive outbursts and no sugar crashes.

Dad's love trimino  - protein infused water

Push Protein for Picky Eaters

Most kids are picky eaters. They’re still figuring out what they like, and new foods can seem scary. If your little one only wants mac ‘n cheese or spaghetti, they might not be getting all the protein they need every day. trimino - protein infused water has 7 grams of protein in each bottle. That's about 1 ounce-equivalent if you're using ChooseMyPlate. Drinkable protein is a great alternative for kids that won't eat meat. We’re talking easily digestible pure whey protein that contains the branched chain amino acids needed for essential body functions and growth.

Drink Your Vitamins!

Another thing those picky eaters aren’t always keen on is green stuff. Unless your kid loves to clean their plate of broccoli or brussels sprouts, you may worry about them getting the vitamins he needs for development. One bottle of fresh and fruity trimino™ contains the full daily allowance of four different B complex vitamins — including B12, which is only found in animal products. So, if your little angel suddenly decides they’re vegan, don’t sweat it! Let them sip on trimino™ - protein infused water while they explore this phase.

Mom's love trimino for the whole family!

Avoid Allergy Problems

Celiac disease is a real issue among young people. If your kid has difficulty digesting pizza crust or sandwich bread, she may be sensitive or allergic to gluten. Even if your kid’s fine with bread, when you’re the parent who has to bring a snack to soccer practice, it’s best to make sure those munchies are healthy — and gluten-free to keep the teammates who have celiac disease in mind. Make it easy on yourself with naturally gluten-free and lactose-free trimino™. These delicious fruit-flavored drinks are the allergen-friendly hero of afterschool activities everywhere.

Build a Strong Immune System

One thing the COVID-19 crisis has done for all of us is make us think more seriously about our immune systems. You’re showing your kids how to properly wear a mask, wash their hands for at least 20 seconds and stay in touch while keeping six feet apart. That’s great! Making sure everyone in your family is getting enough protein and B complex vitamins is one more way you can boost immune system function for better overall health.



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