When's the Best Time to Drink Whey Protein?

Protein does your body good. From repairing muscle tissue to boosting your immune system, it’s an essential building block of health and energy.

That’s why protein supplements are so popular. But which kind of protein is best — and when’s the best time to drink protein supplements?

What’s so Great About Whey Protein?

Whey protein isolate is a nutritional powerhouse. It’s made from dairy, but it’s not considered a dairy product. That’s because whey protein is a highly concentrated form of only one type of protein taken from the dairy source. By processing and filtering out all the lactose, carbs and other elements, whey protein isolate ends up with the highest concentration of pure protein — 90 to 95% by weight — and lowest amount of carbs of any protein supplement choice. Plus, it’s more easily digested than protein powders made from eggs, rice or soy.

When’s the Best Time to Drink Whey Protein?

That’s a tricky question. The best time to drink whey protein depends on your fitness and nutritional goals. Everyone needs protein in their diet, but when and how much can differ according to what you want to accomplish. Here are the four most common reasons for supplementing your daily food intake with whey protein and when to work it in for optimal results.

1. To Lose Weight

Lose Weight With triminoIf your goal is to shed a few pounds, whey protein is your new best friend. Eating more protein than carbs will help you feel full longer even though protein has fewer calories. Protein also boosts your metabolism, so your body burns calories more efficiently all day long.

To keep your energy levels up and your calorie-burning fires stoked, drink a sugar-free whey protein beverage as a snack between meals. Mid-morning and mid-afternoon are common times for flagging willpower, so sipping a low-carb protein drink can satisfy your cravings while keeping your hand out of the cookie jar.


2. To Improve Exercise Performance

Whether you’re trying to build amazing biceps, increase endurance, or diminish delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS), protein can take you to the next level. Serious iron pumpers may see improved shredding with a whey protein supplement before starting their reps. Long-distance runners and bikers often find better wind by sipping a protein drink during their sweat. Most athletes — including us everyday folk who don’t reach elite status — find benefits with increased protein after our workouts. Common wisdom used to say the optimal window was within one hour of finishing your workout, but in general, drinking whey protein up to two hours after sweating will help with recovery and performance.

 add trimino to your gym bag

3. To Prevent Muscle Loss

As we age, we lose muscle mass. That means higher risks for problems like bone fractures because 3 to 8% of muscle mass disappears every decade past the age of 30. To maintain muscle and prevent its deterioration, many experts recommend consuming protein evenly throughout the day. Most of us eat a protein-heavy dinner but more carbs at breakfast and lunch. Spread your intake out by adding a whey protein drink to your eggs in the morning, to your midday lunch and even as a low-carb snack between meals. 

4. To Succeed with Keto Diets

Crush your keto goals with sugar-free, lactose-free whey protein. Because one 16-ounce bottle of trimino - protein infused water delivers 14% RDA of easily digested whey protein and 100% RDA of complex B vitamins in only 28 gluten-free calories, you can sip one anytime and still achieve your Keto goals. The assortment of refreshing flavors lets you add tasty interest to your protein-rich diet while curbing your appetite and keeping on track with a low glycemic index and zero guilt.


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